Boarstusk – Boarstusk (Review)

BoartuskBoarstusk is a one-man black Metal doom band from the US. This is his debut album.

After an atmospheric electronic intro, we’re introduced to Boarstusk’s brand of doom-infused black metal. This is ancient, unspeakably raw black metal that persists at a snails pace, taking the accoutrements of doom and swallowing them whole only to vomit them forth covered in black metal’s corrupted, warped evil.

Sounding like it was recorded in some blood-covered freezer, these songs fester in their dark auras and filthy atmospheres. They spread with a slow inevitability, with a malevolent crawling that is not without grace and exhibits the wilful intent of the predator.

Some of the best things about this release can be found in the repetitive guitar riffs as they slowly unfold with all of their barbed glory. Nothing is rushed, and the music becomes more and more infectious the more you listen to it.

The pace varies, of course, as do the various dark moods that the music offers. Well, at least in the different shades of darkness that the songs inhabit.

The vocals are rabid, disgusting screams that seem to slither and stab out from the music. They’re delightfully sickening and full of deadly malice.

This will be by far the wrong-side of polished for most people, but fans of black metal’s underground rawness will favour Boarstusk’s slow-and-malignant approach to blackened doom. I found this release grew on me like some form of diseased fungus, until I could resist no more and just had to fully embrace its insidious charms.


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