3rd Machine – Quantified Self (Review)

3rd MachineThis is the début album from 3rd Machine, a modern/groove metal band from the Netherlands.

This is rhythmic groove metal with keyboard enhancements that takes influence from the cyber metal scene.

Despite the modern production though, it has somewhat of a 90s metal feel to it to me. This is not meant in any detrimental way. 3rd Machine seem to have a quality to them that is lacking in a lot of contemporary bands; I’m not 100% sure how to define it, but it’s a feeling in the songs and how they’re structured; it just reminds me of the formative years of nu/modern/groove/whatever metal.

I see 3rd Machine as a mixture of different styles and eras – if you take aspects of 90s metal, djent, Fear Factory, American Head Charge, Darkane and Mnemic, you’ll have a good idea of the kind of things they get up to on Quantified Self.

The singer has a gruff shouting style that accompanies his cleaner vocals. Although overall Quantified Self is a well-polished creation, due to the singer’s voice it’s also a little rougher than some of this kind of stuff. This, combined with the more 90s influences in some aspects of the band’s sound, lends this album a slightly different sheen when compared to some of the faceless hordes that play similar music.

The songs have a nice combination of heaviness, catchiness and atmosphere, making for a memorable album that works well in the style. If you like this type of modern/groove metal, but dislike the overly commercial aspects inherent in a lot of this kind of music, then I advise you check out Quantified Self, as 3rd Machine know what they’re doing with this sub-genre.


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