Demonic Rage – Omen of Doom (Review)

Demonic RageDemonic Rage are a Chilean death metal band.

Omen of Doom is a compilation of a lot of the band’s early hard/impossible to get demos dating back as far as 2001.

Due to the nature of a release like this the sound quality does vary between the various demos, but overall the band have unearthed a surprisingly well-preserved rotten corpse. The recording and production values deteriorate the further back in time you go, but even this doesn’t diminish the essential quality of what the band produce.

Demonic Rage play morbid, raw death metal with an early 90s slant and nods towards Incantation, along with some hints of black metal here and there.

I have to say I’ve been surprised and impressed with this. There’s a lot of music here, (74 minutes), and it’s all very enjoyable. Any form of compilation of this sort runs the risk of sounding patchy or just hammered together, but this release holds up remarkably well.

The songs blast and tear their way along quite nicely. The singer has a superb deep growl that’s bowel-shaking in its delivery. The band mostly play either slow or fast, and do both very well. The blast beats sound aggressive and full of hatred, while the slower parts are full of crushing doom menace and misanthropy. More mid-paced, double-bass led sections are peppered around too, but these usually decend quite quickly into the pits of doom or accelerate into Hellfire’s blasting.

This is my first encounter with Demonic Rage and I have to say that it has been an extremely positive one.

I don’t normally review albums of this sort – compilations – but I felt compelled to do so in this instance as the band have produced such an impressive body of dirty, filthy death metal that they more than deserve to be supported. Apparently they have a full length album out there somewhere; if it’s even half as good as this then it should be very good indeed.

Highly recommended.

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