Mindscar – What’s Beyond the Light (Review)

MindscarThis is the second album from this US death/thrash metal band.

Mindscar’s first album Kill the King introduced us to their modern death metal, which incorporated a few different sub-styles into its recipe, making for an enjoyable album that wasn’t afraid to push the envelope a bit.

Fast forward a year, we now have their newest album to play, and it seems there have been some changes in the Mindscar camp.

The vocal style has changed; the deep growls have been largely, (but not completely), replaced with higher-pitched growls that have an edge of extreme thrash to them, if you know what I mean. The cleans have all but disappeared too, with the exception of the last song and title track, (which is probably one of my favourites on here, actually).

There are a lot of catchy riffs on this release, as with the first, and although the extremity has remained, it has morphed into a slightly different beast. There’s now more of a modern metal/thrash influence overall I’d say. Additionally, there’s probably a bit more variety in moods and feelings than the first, with reflective and softer moments appearing here and there as well.

Solos abound, all well-played and very enjoyable. With a high-level of musicianship, the band clearly know what they’re doing in this regard. This applies to all of the instruments.

The songs combine their aspects of death and thrash metal into a modern metal framework that allows the band the freedom to play around with their style to get the most out of what they want to say. I’m pleased they haven’t abandoned the extremity and blast beats, as it sounds like they could potentially easily do so on the next release.

What’s Beyond the Light is catchy, memorable and full of juicy metal content. It’s good to see a band progressing what they do, while still remaining true to themselves and the style they have previously developed.

A recommended listen.

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