Varde – Fedraminne (Review)

Varde - FedraminneThis is the debut album from Varde, a Norwegian black metal band.

Fedraminne contains 59 minutes of black metal that mixes folk influences into an atmospheric journey. Continue reading “Varde – Fedraminne (Review)”

Never Again – Death Metal Tsunami (Review)

Never AgainNever Again are a Death Metal band from Italy. This is their début EP.

This may be from Italy but here we have Swedish Death Metal, although not quite as we’ve come to expect it. It’s eleven and a half minutes of face-melting fire and revving chainsaws though, regardless.

Usually there’s not a lot to say about this style. Most of the time people either love it or they hate it. I’m always a sucker for the pure version of this type of music, but it’s nice to hear it shaken up a bit on this release, as Never Again have a more modern interpretation of this classic sub-genre than most.

Superficially we have Swedish Death Metal here, although once you look a bit closer there are a few things that mark Never Again as different from a lot of the Swedish clones.

The vocals are a bit raspier and wetter than is the norm, which does provide them with a bit of differentiation, and though the sound does have that chainsaw quality to it, it’s not quite as overtly done as the pure Swedish production style.

The main difference is the guitars; the riffs and melodies have a modern, New-School sheen to them. There’s definitely still a good amount of Old-School, of course, how could there not be? This is mixed with a fresher, newer take on things though, resulting in songs that sound vibrant and reinvigorated. It’s kind of Swedish Death Metal by-way-of Melodic Modern Metal. Don’t let that put you off though, as this means business.

Very promising. I wonder how their sound will develop in the future?