Varde – Fedraminne (Review)

Varde - FedraminneThis is the debut album from Varde, a Norwegian black metal band.

Fedraminne contains 59 minutes of black metal that mixes folk influences into an atmospheric journey.

There’s diversity of delivery across this album that helps hold the listener’s attention. Chants, clean singing, keyboards, saxophone, electronica, and acoustic guitars all enhance at various points the core blackened heart of the band. The vocals are as diverse as the music; more so, actually. Combined with the strong songwriting Fedraminne is an album that is easy to get lost in. Ethereal beauty, upbeat folk-fuelled workouts, ferocious blackened assaults, and a strongly developed sense of self make for a very engaging collection of tracks.

The music has a great many enticing leads. The band know how to write a decent melody. Sometimes it’s a melody that’s striking and standout, whereas at others it’s a more subtle affair, laying the groundwork for an emotive response. The same can be said if the guitars in general actually, as there’s a good blend of foundational parts and bold, ear-catching riffs here.

Fedraminne is a compelling and varied mix of folk, atmospheric, avant-garde, modern, and second wave black metal. It’s a well-developed and thoroughly enjoyably release that I greatly recommend for any fan of the blackened arts.

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