Carnal Decay – When Push Comes to Shove (Review)

Carnal DecayThis is the latest EP from Carnal Decay, a death metal band from Switzerland.

After hugely enjoying 2017’s You Owe You Pay, this new 10-minute EP was well-received by yours truly. It’s great to hear more of the band’s crushing modern death metal. Continue reading

Interview with Carnal Decay

Carnal Decay Logo

Muscular, taut, and full of the kind of death metal that can knock you out from a distance, Carnal Decay’s fourth album You Owe You Pay is brutality incarnate.

This is an album that’s relentlessly hostile and spends its entire length bludgeoning you with torn off body parts and bloody stumps. Carnal Decay buzz with energetic violence, and You Owe You Pay is this energy captured and distilled into musical form.

Enter guitarist Isabelle Iten to spill her guts about the carnage within… Continue reading