Kold – Intet Mere Er (Review)

Kold - Intet Mere ErKold are a black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

Following on from 2021’s KoldIntet Mere Er is a 44-minute black metal journey of frozen landscapes and sorrowful climes.

This is, at its heart, a traditional black metal assault that’s influenced by the classic second wave. This core is then taken by the band and delivered in a charismatic way that emphasises mood and melody. In addition to this, occasionally a post-black metal feel surfaces, as do echoes of the depressive style. These influences are merged artfully into Kold’s icy and grim material, adding an extra level to the music that works subtly, but well.

Kold have a melodic approach to their music that’s quite striking in places, and emphasises their emotive presence throughout. These enhance the band’s atmospheric proclivities and burn bright against the backdrop of the music’s frosted rhythms. Blast beats are used liberally, but not exclusively. The music’s aggression is put to service in providing a fierce windswept landscape for the wintry guitars and sorrowful, yet colourful leads.

All of the songs are well-written and enjoyable, and all grow over time as they work their way under your skin. One of my favourite tracks is probably Forgabt I Virvar, as I find its lonesome winding lead absorbing, as the singer vents his pain and the rest of the music howls and rages. All of the songs have elements of this though, and all of them are enjoyable to listen to. It’s hard to pick an outright favourite though, as I’m also very partial to closer Nattefrost, which offers a more textured variant of the Kold template.

Intet Mere Er is a strong and satisfying album for any fan of atmospheric or melodic black metal.

Highly recommended.

Fins out more here and here.


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