Witch Ripper – The Flight After the Fall (Review)

Witch Ripper - The Flight After the FallThis is the second album from US stoner/sludge metal band Witch Ripper.

Witch Ripper play a brand of heavy music that exists somewhere between sludge metal and progressive rock. The Flight After the Fall is an ambitious and enjoyable slab of modern progressive sludge that takes the listener on a 47-minute journey into expressive and emotive waters. Imagine a mix of bands such as Mastodon, Muse, Vokonis, Between the Buried and Me, and Baroness to get a starting point for Witch Ripper’s music.

The songs are made up of energetic guitars and thunderous riffs that form captivating musical structures that the listener can get lost within. The music burns bright with emotive power and depth of emotive delivery. Witch Ripper’s melodic skill is frequently apparent, as is their ability to craft meaningful compositions from guitars that just drip with emotion.

The Flight After the Fall has immediate appeal straight out of the gate, not only from its obvious crowd-friendly attributes, but also because of its clear attention to the use of feeling and mood. The songs are imbued with atmospheric qualities that are undeniable, and which are only heightened by the tasteful use of synths. The album is a progressive monster that’s both anthemic and heavy, which is a great combination.

The vocals consist of a mix of rough shouts and clean, catchy singing. These styles suit the music, and all members of the band that contribute vocals put in good performances. Every instrument is well-played, but I feel especially compelled to mention the drumming on the album, which is excellent throughout.

Well-written, intricately wrought, and full of character and presence, this is an album that has all of the necessary attributes to make a strong impact. Witch Ripper have produced a highly enjoyable and impressive album. If you’re a fan of the modern progressive sludge style then this is one you’ll not want to miss.


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