Iravu – A Fate Worse Than Home (Review)

Iravu - A Fate Worse Than HomeThis is the debut album from Malaysian one-man black metal band Iravu.

A Fate Worse Than Home contains 34 minutes of expressive, cosmic black metal. Mixing the atmospheric, ambient, and progressive styles into an engaging whole, the artist behind Iravu has crafted something quite special here.

A Fate Worse Than Home transports the listener to a sci-fi galaxy far away and immerses them in a blackened odyssey of immense proportions. Beneath this lie deeper themes, allowing the listener to dig deeper should they wish. The same is true of the music; on first listen it is apparent there is a lot to take in here, and each subsequent spin reveals more and more of the universe that the artist has created.

The music is steeped in atmosphere and is very evocative. Its spacious spacefaring nature is expansive and rich in cosmic mood, with a progressive feel that puts the listener in mind of celestial heights and heavenly wanderings. Psychedelic explorations and colourful solos help to further develop these feelings, making for an album that offers a lot of captivating soundscapes in a relatively brief running time.

The music ranges from lethal blasting aggression through to mood-rich post-rock vistas. The artist has a real ear for memorable blackened riffs, but pretty much everything here is well-written and of high quality. It’s raw and underground, but the compositional skills of the artist are at a Grade A level. There’s simply so much to enjoy here. Each track has its own flavour and meaningful position within the whole, and the amount of killer riffs, solos, and guitar rhythms is staggering. Add to this lashings of thick atmosphere and a keen understanding of progressive structuring and you have an album that keeps you returning for more.

This is an impressive and enjoyable first album for Iravu. Delivering a feast of multifaceted black metal with personality and substance, the artist behind Iravu has forged an underground gem of an album.

Fans of bands like Void Omnia, Vorga, Aureole, Mare Cognitum, Midnight Odyssey, Mesarthim, The Great Old Ones, Spectral Lore, and Chaos Moon should definitely spend some time with this.

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