The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism (Review)

The Great Old Ones - CosmicismThe Great Old Ones are a black metal band from France and this is their fourth album.

Any fan of atmospheric/post-black metal would be advised to check out Tekeli-li, and EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy. Both are great examples of quality blackened journeys crafted by a band that know their art well. On Cosmicism the band have spread their wings further, while also staying true to what makes them such an engaging act.

Capturing darkness in musical form with forgotten black magic and occult intent, this is an album to lose yourself in. Whether it’s fiery chaos or expansive atmosphere, The Great Old Ones navigate the world they have created with skill and ease. On Cosmicism the band seem to have examined every aspect of their style, and made progress in developing pretty much all of them. The vocals, in their range, type, and performance, are an obvious example, but this inspection has benefited all aspects of the band’s sound.

Less obvious at first glance; the band have arguably embraced their atmospheric side even further, concentrating more deeply on creating alluring melodies and sinister moods. Increased nuance is apparent in the songwriting and delivery, although it should also be stated that the sheer aggression of the band’s blackened assault remains intact when they feel the need to channel this side of their sound. This latter aspect of the band’s music has gone under the microscope too, however, and has undergone an increase in complexity in places. This manifests very effectively, resulting in immersive riffs and an intensity that is compelling.

Well-written and well-delivered, Cosmicism is an impressive release from The Great Old Ones. Close enough to their previous work to be a natural continuation, while distinct enough to show progression and its own character, Cosmicism is an essential listen.

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