Leipa – Reue (Review)

Leipa - ReueThis is the second album from German one-man black metal act Leipa.

Containing 39 minutes of material, Reue is fast and sharp, (although not exclusively so), offering black metal that’s melodic and well-written. The artist behind Leipa has a clear vision for his music, and has more than enough talent to realise it.

The songs are harsh and hostile, but not purely for the sake of it. The music’s blackened assault is adept at portraying different moods and feelings, from near-tangible tension to an epic atmosphere or a firm sense of energetic excitement. The artist has a strong grasp of setting, dynamics, and structure, allowing the songs to build immersive blackened soundscapes that offer a variety of textures for the listener to explore.

It’s a modern black metal approach, with elements of the depressive style sewn into it. It’s also littered with moments of post-rock introspection, which provide lighter contrast to the mood-rich blackened distortion that forms the bulk of the album’s content.

The vocals are distinctly above average in their delivery and deployment. The singer’s voice is high-pitched and aggressive, but it’s his chosen vocal patterns and sense of rhythm that really sets him apart.

Passionate, despondent, dripping with negative emotions, and yet shaded in places with the bright light of hope, Reue is a striking example of well-crafted emotive black metal.

Leipa is an impressive and engaging project, and I highly recommend Reue for any fan of contemporary black metal.


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