Void Omnia – Dying Light (Review)

Void OmniaVoid Omnia are a black metal band from the US, and this is their debut album.

Dying Light is largely fast and furious, taking elements of melodic and atmospheric black metal into its dark, cold embrace and suffocating them with the essence of the deep void of outer space.

Full of blast beats and fast riffs, the songs on Dying Light propel the listener on a journey through the darkened outer reaches of the most remote and harrowingly bleak sectors of the night sky. This is very much a band that like their speedy delivery, although they do take their collective feet off the accelerator here and there to good effect.

Pitch-black screams are complemented by equally pitch-black growls, both performed extremely well and low enough in the mix to merge with the music at a cellular level.

With a furious melodic edge and dark atmosphere born of ripping tunes and lethal intent, Void Omnia easily impress with their blasting brand of blackened hatred.

This is the kind of furiously-paced black metal that it’s easy to get on board with. Why? Because it’s very well-realised and has enough depth to stop itself from being one-dimensional, as well as plenty of blackened spirit to give itself substance.

Highly recommended.

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