Orphique – Consécration Cadavérique (Review)

Orphique - Consécration CadavériqueOrphique are a Canadian black metal band and this is their debut album.

Consécration Cadavérique contains 40 minutes of music, and is an exemplary introduction to Orphique’s charismatic take on black metal.

Orphique combine melody, atmosphere, and progressive skill into a potent collection of songs. The music’s delivery is raw and harsh, yet clear and powerful enough to hit like a storm of blades. Consécration Cadavérique makes a strong impression quickly, and succeeds in cementing this in place upon repeated exposure to its considered assault.

You can hear an underpinning competence in second wave black metal on Consécration Cadavérique, but the album isn’t restricted to this. Contemporary influences are also apparent, allowing the atmospheric and progressive elements to breathe and expand as they need to. Post-black and depressive black metal influences can be heard, assisting in building the music’s emotive framework. This latter part of Orphique is one of their most important attributes; emotion is woven into the music with natural ease, enhancing all aspects of it so that the listener feels invested in what the songs have to say.

The musicianship is accomplished, and sometimes quite intricate. The songwriting matches this, as does the clear passion for the material that the band have. The overall impression is that of a true labour of love, resulting in an expressive and detailed vision of personal black metal.

My only minor complaint is the track Chimérique, which isn’t as strong as the rest due to it essentially sounding like an elongated interlude.

Regardless, overall Consécration Cadavérique is an impressive first outing for Orphique. This is black metal played with melancholic power and grim character.

Highly recommended.


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