Trial (Swe) – Feed the Fire (Review)

Trial (Swe) - Feed the FireThis is the fourth album from Swedish heavy metallers Trial (Swe).

Since I last encountered Trial n 2017’s (Vessel), the band have changed their name to Trial (Swe), released another album and an EP, and changed singer. So, what does Feed the Fire bring us? The answer is 46 minutes of rousing heavy metal.

Feed the Fire is an album of classic heavy metal. Full of duelling guitars and molten solos, galloping bass, pounding drums, and soaring vocals, Trial (Swe) deliver the old-school goods as you would want them to.

The songs are largely upbeat and melodic, driven by Trial (Swe)’s clear passion for the style. The band’s use of melody is constant and bright. It works in synergy with the rhythm guitars and the air raid vocals to produce very endearing songs. There’s plenty of meaty, satisfying content to get your teeth into here if you like the traditional metal sound. The singer of At the Gates unexpectedly makes an appearance on one song too, briefly adding some aggressive vocals to the track.

Feed the Fire is energetic and direct. The songs are mostly quite straightforward examples of how to bang out old-school heavy metal tunes, and the album is packed with easy-to-like material. Listening to the album puts me in mind of mix between Iron Maiden, Helloween, a touch of Dragonforce, and the Trial from the past, which makes for an engaging collection of tracks.

Feed the Fire is a professional, well-crafted heavy metal album. It is easy to enjoy and delivers on its premise well.

If you’re a fan of classic heavy metal then this is definitely one for you to check out.

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