Dragonforce – Reaching into Infinity (Review)

DragonforceDragonforce are a UK power metal band and this is their seventh album.

Dragonforce are back doing what they do best – fast, bright, insanely well-played and intricate power metal. Yep, fans of the band should pretty much know what to expect at this stage in the game.

However, there are two important things to note about Reaching into Infinity.

The first is that the band have actually attempted to stretch themselves a bit more than normal with the songwriting on this album. Rather than just playing it completely safe, they’ve pushed themselves to produce their best. This absolutely doesn’t mean that you should expect something wildly different to what they normally do; this is still the Dragonforce we know and love. No, it’s just that they have added that little bit more nuance and variety into the writing, alongside all of the speed, blistering solos, and infectious melodies that we’ve come to expect.

The second? Well, that’s related to the first in many ways; Reaching into Infinity is such a very well-rounded, well-written, and well-delivered album that it must certainly rank as one of the band’s best. If you’re a fan of upbeat power metal based on actual songs that have both style and substance, there’s nothing to not like on this release.

The guitars are always a highlight of an album like this, but it’s important to remember the rest of the band too. The keyboards in particular add a lot to the songs, while the singer’s top-notch voice soars over everything with a vibrant and colourful performance.

Catchy and memorable songs are a given with Dragonforce, and the tracks on Reaching into Infinity are no different. Each song is exceptional, but some personal favourites include the scorching speed of Judgement Day, the emotive ballad Silence, and the epic, Iron Maiden-inspired The Edge of the World.

Dragonforce have once again unleashed a power metal classic into the world. Make no mistake; this is an album that’s incredibly enjoyable.

An essential listen for any power metal fan.

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