Bekor Qilish – Throes of Death from the Dreamed Nihilism (Review)

Bekor Qilish - Throes of Death from the Dreamed NihilismThis is the debut album from Bekor Qilish, an extreme metal solo act from Italy.

Across 28 minutes the artist behind this band delivers his vision for extreme metal – a complex and layered avant-garde assault on the senses. Blending the technical and progressive strains of black and death metal into an experimental extreme metal framework, Throes of Death from the Dreamed Nihilism is a jarring and unfriendly piece of work, that nonetheless rewards connoisseurs of esoteric underground extremity.

These songs are detailed and packed with content. Elements of technical and progressive black metal fight for supremacy against their death metal counterparts. By the end of the album no clear winner appears, but they’ve had one Hell of a scrap.

Hyperactive and atypical riffs, ideas, structures, and melodies are the norm in Bekor Qilish’s world. This is music that revels in chaos and mayhem, while still managing to retain an overarching sense of purpose to the cosmic insanity.

This chaotic release is a maelstrom of colour and movement. Moments of spectral violence can be heard, technical brutality can be felt, progressive explorations can be experienced, and ethereal atmosphere can be fallen into. You could be listening to off-kilter grinding brutality one moment, and an atmospheric synth-heavy soundscape the next.

Throes of Death from the Dreamed Nihilism is a distinctive album from a skilled artist. It’s not the sort of thing that has wide appeal, but if you can handle its extreme and multifaceted nature then I urge you to spend some time with it.

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