Lurid – Fire Spell (Review)

Lurid - Fire SpellThis is the debut EP from Lurid, a black metal band form the US.

This release clocks in at 33 minutes, although it’s actually a release of two parts. The first four songs are the brand new tracks for the EP, (21 minutes), while the last two are remastered versions of the songs from last year’s demo, (12 minutes).

I’ll concentrate on the new songs, but suffice to say that the remastered tracks sound good. Of the new tracks, these continue to develop the band’s melodic approach to black metal. Influence primarily comes from the classic 90s era, but not exclusively.

The band deal in raw atmospheric presence and frosted melodic strength. The deep monstrous growls and some of the harsher riffs lend a brutal edge to the music in places, while the addition of serrated screams deliver sharper highlights. Lurid demonstrate an effective mix of crushing blackened heaviness and emotive melodic atmosphere. It’s a combination that suits them well and has helped the band to establish their own character early on in their existence.

While the melodies are rich in feeling and very capably delivered, I’ll mention the riffs again, as Lurid apparently have an entire arsenal of them hidden away somewhere, deploying them with lethal tactical skill across the tracks. The songs are well-written and easy to enjoy. Each song is a winner, but I especially enjoy Burned at the Stake with its ferocious melodic attack.

This is very good stuff. Their demo impressed, but these EP tracks are even better. Once again I’m left wanting more. Bring on the debut album!

Very highly recommended.

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