Deathwhite – Grey Everlasting (Review)

Deathwhite - Grey EverlastingDeathwhite are a melodic metal band from the US and this is their third album.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Deathwhite’s continued development, (check out Ethereal, Solitary Martyr, For a Black Tomorrow, and Grave Image), so the appearance of Grey Everlasting is very welcome. On their latest release Deathwhite spend 48 minutes doing what they do best, only better than they ever have done it before.

On Grey Everlasting Deathwhite have taken the core of their sound – a mix of melodic, dark, and Gothic metal/doom – and expanded it. Across these new songs you’ll find the same influences that made the band’s past work so enjoyable – Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia, etc. – but these have now been fleshed out with other elements, including extreme metal sections, some new vocal styles, and greater use of keyboards and atmospheric elements. The end result is an album that’s more diverse and richer in texture than Deathwhite’s previous output, while still retaining a song-based approach that is very well-delivered.

The songs are well-written and emotive. The band’s melancholic doom is immersive and engaging. The melodic leads and solos drip with emotion, while the keyboards layer the music with lush orchestration. The music is very satisfying and rewarding to listen to, as the waves of dark emotion, gorgeous atmosphere, and expressive vocals wash over you.

The heavier or more aggressive aspects of the band, whether it manifests as blast beats or a barbed riff, are used sparingly. When they do appear they’re fully embedded in the rest of the music, and played and arranged with an emphasis on emotion and atmosphere. In this way Deathwhite remind me of Agalloch, despite the clear differences in much of the style.

Grey Everlasting finds Deathwhite ascending to the next level. Everything about this album, from the recording to the performances and the songwriting, is a step up for the band. Deathwhite have produced their most well-rounded and impressive work to date.

Very highly recommended.

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