Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity (Review)

Sijjeel - Salvation Within InsanityThis is the debut album from Sijjeel, a death metal band from Saudi Arabia.

Do you like your brutal death metal dark and murderous? Then you’re sure to get on well with the violent carnage contained on Salvation Within Insanity. There’s no filler, no stupid intros or pointless interludes, just 34 minutes of lethal brutality.

The songs are strong examples of the style. It’s heavy stuff too, with the crushing distortion of the guitars weighty enough to crack concrete, and the bass thick enough to smash flesh and bone to a pulp. The drums are powerful, but not overwhelming, while the singer’s monstrous growls are surprisingly dexterous in their merciless delivery.

Melding savage blasts with the sort of outrageous groove that will have you moving whether you want to or not, these songs are very easy to enjoy if you have a taste for the uncompromising style. By its very nature brutal death metal tends to veer away from variety, but it is hard to criticise Sijjeel in any meaningful way when they are repeatedly hammering blow after blow into your skull with such force that you can barely think straight.

The band know what they’re doing though, and this is well-written brutality. A few different ideas are thrown into the mix here and there, fleshing out the songs nicely. A bit of wandering bass, a technical workout, a slamming beatdown, etc. Whatever it might be, there’s more than enough quality content on this collection of tracks to not only hold your attention, but to keep you returning to it frequently.

This is brutal death metal done very right. It’s potent, visceral stuff, and Sijjeel clearly know their way around the material. If you’re a fan of bands like Analepsy, Deeds of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Disentomb, Incinerate, Pathology, and Twitch of the Death Nerve, then you really don’t want to miss out on this underground gem.

Very highly recommended indeed.

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