Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity (Review)

Sijjeel - Salvation Within InsanityThis is the debut album from Sijjeel, a death metal band from Saudi Arabia.

Do you like your brutal death metal dark and murderous? Then you’re sure to get on well with the violent carnage contained on Salvation Within Insanity. There’s no filler, no stupid intros or pointless interludes, just 34 minutes of lethal brutality. Continue reading “Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity (Review)”

Twitch of the Death Nerve – A Resting Place for the Wrathful (Review)

Twitch of the Death Nerve - A Resting Place for the WrathfulTwitch of the Death Nerve are a UK death metal band, and this is their second album.

2014’s A New Code of Morality was a memorable record, loaded with enough brutal power to destroy continents. Has it really been six years since that album was unleashed on the world? It has, so Continue reading “Twitch of the Death Nerve – A Resting Place for the Wrathful (Review)”

Twitch of the Death Nerve – A New Code of Morality (Review)

Twitch of the Death Nerve

This is the debut album from UK Death Metallers Twitch of the Death Nerve.

As a calling card the album cover doesn’t let the side down and makes me immediately excited to hear what kind of racket they make.

The band play the kind of ultra-brutal pig-noise Death Metal that can frighten off pseudo-Metal fans at a thousand paces. This is the real deal when it comes to extremity and absolute wanton slaughter.

The drums have a slightly tinny sound but after the first couple of blasts all is forgotten as you’re beaten and battered into a semi-coherent stupor by the combination of ultra-blast and chugathon that the band effortlessly¬†juggle.

The vocals are guttural pig-noise emanations that steer just the right side of ridiculous and instead sound demented. They match the barbarous music to a tee and together Brutal Death Metal magic is made.

The songs fly by, each one as heavy and as demolishing as the last. Each track contains excitable riffs that want to crush and destroy everything, and whether they’re playing fast and sharp or slow and blunt they seek to inflict maximum damage.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to muster up the energy to destroy entire continents today, then wonder no longer! Twitch of the Death Nerve are here to empower you with callous misanthropy and effortless barbarity.