Aara – Triade II: Hemera (Review)

Aara - Triade II HemeraThis is the fourth album from Swiss black metallers Aara, (who feature members of Modern Rites and Porta Nigra).

Following hot on the heels of last year’s Triade I: Eos comes Triade II: Hemera, which gives us 42 minutes of new material. Aara play a hybrid form of black metal that combines the atmospheric and the melodic styles into their own brand of scathing darkness.

Triade II: Hemera continues the theme started by its predecessor, yet with a different emphasis. The warm melodic colour and grim atmospheric grandeur are brought forward to this new material intact and just as majestic. However, the blistering aggression we found so enjoyable has actually been heightened a notch on this new album. It’s also darker and more gloomier, despite its rampant energy levels and bright melodies. I would also say that despite still blending the old and new together, Triade II: Hemera leans into its traditional black metal influences more than the last album did, at least in places. It’s also heavier.

The songs are very enjoyable and engaging. Many of the melodies are highly compelling, as is the grim majesty that Aara seem to be able to conjure so easily. I also still adore the intense high pitched screams that the singer performs. There are a lot of good ideas spread across the album, each offering a different highlight; a great example, (one of many), is the eerie and potent clean singing in Sonne der Nacht, which is simply excellent.

Overall this means that the Aara experience is now just that little bit more violent and fiery in places, all without losing the melodic and atmospheric aspects of their sound that worked so well for them.

These songs are vibrant, energetic, and dynamic examples of modern black metal that hasn’t forgotten the lessons imparted by the old-school, with the latter taking more of a dominant role this time around. Triade II: Hemera is even better than its predecessor in my humble opinion; Aara have gone from strength to strength.

Very highly recommended.

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