Monthly Overview – the Best of May 2022

May saw an unreasonable amount of good metal albums released into the wild. The below are just the tip of the iceberg, but more than worth celebrating in their own right.

Aara - Triade II Hemera

Aara’s blistering  Triade II: Hemera really blew the cobwebs away. This is such an aggressive, yet emotive and atmospheric black metal release. It really hit the spot for me, and I just couldn’t resist its dark charms. An album of highly engaging blackened violence.

Decapitated - Cancer Culture

Decapitated’s Cancer Culture was a sleek, brutal revelation. I simply wasn’t expecting it to be as mercilessly good as it is. Decapitated sound absolutely on fire, and the most sharply lethal they have been in some time. Crisp, murderous death metal, with songs.

Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

Heavy Pendulum by Cave In is a joy to experience. The band’s post-hardcore/rock style took cues from old and new, and despite its length is packed with great songs. With so many highlights that it’s hard to pick a favourite one, Heavy Pendulum is worth spending quality time with.

Famyne - II The Ground Below

If it’s a charismatic and modern take on doom metal that you’re looking for, then check out II: The Ground Below by Famyne. I stumbled upon this by accident, and was very glad I did. The songs are very tasty, and the singer’s striking vocals very moreish.

Besvärjelsen - Atlas

Atlas takes us deep into the world of Besvärjelsen’s highly evocative and emotive doom grunge. This is an album of both hooks and depth. It’s a captivating and compelling collection of songs, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Vital Spirit - Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind

We’ll end with the folk-enriched Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind by Vital Spirit. Merging blackened aggression with folk introspection, Vital Spirit have crafted an immersive and satisfying album that’s a rewarding listen for anyone into modern black metal.

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