Porta Nigra – Kaiserschnitt (Review)

Porta NIgraPorta Nigra are from Germany and this is their second album. They play Black Metal.

This is atypical, eccentric Black Metal that has a marching, martial feel to it as well as diverse other influences lurking around its dark underbelly.

The largely mid-paced assault is of a more individual variety than the usual Darkthrone-influenced one that you might expect.

Additionally, the extra sounds and noises in the form of samples, trumpets, keyboards and other instruments introduce aspects of their sound that further mark them out as different from the pack.

The vocals are varied screams and shouts as well as the occasional clean. Coupled with the charismatic music you never know quite what’s going to happen next on the album.

The songs have a Black Metal identity that’s further added to by elements of Heavy Metal, Punk and Avant Garde, depending on the whims of the band members it seems. It all sounds remarkably coherent however and as a whole the album works.

Lots of different moods and styles around these core musical themes are explored and Porta Nigra have impressed with their ability to create a diverse body of work on Kaiserschnitt.

This is a band who have completely stamped their own personality onto the Black Metal template and have produced an album that stands apart and stands strong.

Check this out today.

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