Aara – Triade III: Nyx (Review)

Aara - Triade III NyxThis is the fifth album from Swiss black metal band Aara.

Another year, another Aara record, and I’m very happy about this. Triade III: Nyx is the final instalment in the trilogy that brought us Triade I: Eos from 2021 and the stellar Triade II: Hemera from last year.

Triade III: Nyx is 41 minutes of Aara’s trademark brand of modern, razor-sharp black metal. Melodic, atmospheric, and violent, these songs make the most of each of the three main aspects of the music. They all feed into each other as they create dark melancholic moods twinned with Industrial-strength intensity. Aara embody the storm; violence and atmosphere given musical shape.

The songs are well-constructed overall, flowing like sinuous predators through the album’s duration. All of the musical components come together to form something greater than the sum of their parts, resulting in songs that bleed aggression and atmospheric presence in equal amounts.

The riffs and melodies are as inventive as ever, with Triade III: Nyx containing some particularly striking and effective examples of Aara’s skilled riffcraft. Keyboards and clean vocals are deployed strategically, making the most of their impact and built into the rest of the music’s well-rounded expressive darkness. Topped by the always amazing piercing screams of their singer, (who might sound better than she ever has), Aara have produced yet another winning album.

I loved Triade II: Hemera, but I’m willing to now tentatively state my preference for Triade III: Nyx. It’s a tough call though, due to how good its predecessor is and also how much better I know it so far, but Aara’s new album is at least its equal.

One of the strongest and most consistent black metal acts in the last few years, make sure that you don’t miss out on Aara’s Triade III: Nyx.

Essential listening.


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