Aara – Triade I: Eos (Review)

Aara - Triade I EosThis is the third album from Swiss black metallers Aara.

The melodic and atmospheric forms of black metal collide and collude on Triade I: Eos to produce 45 minutes of concept-themed music.

I’ve said in the past that I really like black metal vocals when they’re ultra-high screams, and that’s precisely what we get here. They’re piercing, stick like spikes in your mind, and they sound great. Oh, and the music itself isn’t half bad either.

Okay, it’s actually a whole lot better than that.

The songs combine blistering melodic aggression with atmospheric mood-building. Throw in some neoclassical elements too and you have a very strong formula which has then been applied to these six invigorating tracks.

The band’s intensity is like a rush of adrenaline. The music flashes by with warm melodic colour, a rich blend of emotive leads and epic expressions of blackened grandeur. There’s a strong aura of ferocious majesty that follows these songs around like a haunting. On one hand the music bleeds authority and imperious presence, and demands to be listened to thoroughly and completely. On the other hand the band’s dramatic, vibrant energy sounds almost carefree and unrestrained, inviting the listener to enjoy the music on their own terms, free to roam the six songs and explore Aara’s textured world.

Taking influence from both the old-school and the new, (with more of the latter than the former), Triade I: Eos is a compelling listen and should find a welcome home in any fan of melodically-charged black metal’s collection.

Highly recommended.

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