Atra Vetosus – Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope (Review)

Atra Vetosus - Even the Dawn No Longer Brings HopeThis is the latest EP from Australian black metallers Atra Vetosus.

We haven’t heard from Atra Vetosus since 2018’s Apricity, so I’m happy to have a new release from them. On Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope the band mix elements of melodic, depressive, atmospheric, and post-black metal together into a very satisfying and well-crafted 23 minutes of material.

Azure; Frozen begins slowly, gathering itself via rich synths and luscious piano for a few minutes before exploding into vibrant melody and scathing blackened aggression. I particularly enjoy the winding melodies and clean singing near/after the 8ish-minute mark. The song keeps up a furious pace for the most part, only relaxing its grip on the reins near the end, when the keyboards take us out once more. As 11-minute openers go, this is a strong one.

The second track lasts nearly 10 minutes and is called Hallowed Sky. It’s a song that is simultaneously darker and brighter than the preceding track; it has a shiny, melodic veneer that’s powerfully delivered, yet seems to have a grim underbelly that speaks directly to the infernal majesty of black metal’s past glory days. Combined, it makes for a very compelling song indeed. I’d also say that the atmospheric highs are higher here too, which helps the music build to a wonderful finale. Top stuff.

The final song is Silver Starfall, a 2-minute instrumental closing piece that’s pleasant enough.

From what I can tell, Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope is meant as a sort of end of chapter release for what has come before it, with the band’s next album having a change of direction of some kind. If true, its certainly intriguing. Either way, I look forward to what Atra Vetosus do next, as they haven’t disappointed me yet.

Until then, make sure you check out Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope.

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