Atra Vetosus – Apricity (Review)

Atra VetosusThis is the second album from Australia’s Atra Vetosus, a melodic/atmospheric black metal band.

While I enjoyed 2013’s Voices from the Eternal Night, it seems that Atra Vetosus have truly come of age on Apricity. On this latest album Atra Vetosus have expanded their melodic black metal sound to include elements of the atmospheric, depressive, and post-black metal styles, and they have done this very well indeed.

This is modern black metal that’s clearly reaching for the future, while still paying heed to the lessons learned from the past. Rich and nuanced, the band have developed their songwriting skills to a fine art and Apricity contains a varied and textured collection of music. Blasting aggression, bright melodic leads, expansive atmospheres, and acoustic introspection are just some of the gems to be discovered on this album.

Effectively combining various different moods and feelings, from fiery passion to sombre melancholy, the music on this release is very immersive and enjoyable. Although the album certainly contains as much darkness as you would want from something of this nature, this is juxtaposed against some quite uplifting melodies. This mixing of the styles – atmospheric, melodic, depressive – is done quite naturally and effectively, resulting in music that succeeds early on in establishing its own identity and making its mark felt quite keenly.

The vocals mainly consist of acidic screaming, but some quite effective clean singing is included too. Both are very well-performed, and I’m really not sure which type of delivery I prefer, such is the high standard they both show. Of course, they are different tools for different tasks, and are not interchangeable.

This is a compelling and highly engaging collection of songs, one which it’s worth taking the time to explore.

Highly recommended.

Order Apricity here.

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