Revulsion – Revulsion (Review)

Revulsion - RevulsionThis is the debut album from Finnish death metalllers Revulsion.

Revulsion play grim death metal that mixes elements of old and new into a foul, filthy concoction. The band adopt a classic approach to song-based music that allows for the crafting of tracks that hit like a ton of bricks. The album is packed with meaty, memorable content, and Revulsion’s material is very easy to enjoy if you’re a fan of sickeningly ugly death metal.

The album contains a well-rounded death metal assault across 39 minutes. Via ferocious grooves, and thick, muscular riffs, these songs crush and destroy. Tracks like Pyre, Wastelands, and Silence are pretty good examples of some damn good riffery, but pretty much every song here can boast that claim. The bass sound is especially appealing; not only is it audible, but it powers through the songs with jackhammer persistence. The vocals are dark, deep, gargling growls. They’re well performed by what I assume is some form of monstrous daemon.

Occasional elements of doom and morbid melody help to add gloomy atmosphere to the band’s considerable arsenal, and there’s a good mix of macabre moods and savage aggression on offer throughout Revulsion. Songs like Unravel demonstrate this well, but Mustaa Hiiltä is the best example of how the band’s atmospheric side can come to the fore, and when it does it is formidable.

Revulsion’s debut album is a strong one. Well-written and with plenty of satisfying, enjoyable content, make sure you check out this album if you’re a fan of Finnish death metal.

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