To Dust – Nightmare Cycles (Review)

To Dust - Nightmare CyclesThis is the latest EP from To Dust, a deathgrind band from the US.

It’s been four long year’s since To Dust’s debut split with Bent Sea, so Nightmare Cycles is one I’ve been anticipating. With only an 11-minute duration in some ways it’s merely a taster to get the appetite whetted, but hopefully we won’t have to wait another 4 years for more material from the band.

The music on Nightmare Cycles smashes together classic and contemporary elements of grindcore, resulting in songs that are short enough to be destructively efficient, yet long enough to be home to some meaty content. If you imagine a mix of Napalm Death, Nasum, and Aborted, you’ll be on the right lines.

This is ferocious grind with an intense delivery. However, the band’s brutal savagery is tempered by their ability to forge their anger and aggression into actual songs. This allows the band’s fury to be focused and shaped into four tracks of mercilessly crushing carnage. It’s notable that unlike many ostensibly similar bands, To Dust know the value of a catchy riff and of the need to change paces now and again. This results in a form of deathgrind that doesn’t lose the listener’s attention or become a one-dimensional affair.

I haven’t been disappointed by Nightmare Cycles, I’m pleased to say. It may be brief, but it’s potent.

Very highly recommended.

FAVOURITE TRACK: All of them. Although it’s hard to find fault with the punk-fuelled energy of Fora. A force to be reckoned with.

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