Hexivoid – The Beckoning of Celestial Tendrils (Review)

Hexivoid - The Beckoning of Celestial TendrilsHexivoid is a one-man UK black metal band and this is his second album.

Hexivoid’s music is a mix of modern darkness and Burzum-esque atmosphere. It manages to balance an atmospheric delivery with one that also seethes with dissonance and feral aggression.

Twisted melodies are deployed that sound as if they have reached us from some deep space terror realm. Synths are used to subtly heighten the terrifying atmospheres, while the music crawls and slithers with real menace. The songs drip with malevolent auras that are saturated with dread and foreboding, malignant moods.

A mix of paces and sounds are used to create songs that come across as distinctly otherworldly and inhuman, while still being presented in the form of underground black metal. All of the standard constituent parts of a black metal act are here, taking in atmospheric, modern, dissonant, and classic blackened ingredients, but what the artist makes with these ingredients is something surprisingly special.

Listening to these 28 minutes is like enduring a horror-filled nightmare, one that it’s hard to wake up from, and when you do, you’re screaming and screaming and screaming. Unexpectedly, and against all of the odds, this turns out to be a very good thing. Who knew? In some ways The Beckoning of Celestial Tendrils is the very definition of an underground gem, likely destined to be overlooked by most. Don’t be included in this; delve into this dark piece of blackened art at your earliest convenience.

Very highly recommended.

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