Tombstoner – Descent to Madness (Review)

Tombstoner - Descent to MadnessThis is the debut EP by US death metallers Tombstoner.

Oh my, what do we have here? This is some very tasty old-school death metal, played with modern flair. It’s not just death metal that we have here, however, as Tombstoner incorporate elements of grind, hardcore, and thrash into their very moreish style. It’s a highly effective mix that produces great results.

Well-written, packed with riffs, and bursting with confidence, these songs are memorable and striking examples of how to combine multiple influences into a coherent, effective whole. It’s addictive stuff, and all five songs here pack a lot of beefy content into their modest durations. All of the songs are strong, and you could pick any one of them as standout tracks.

Well, this came out of nowhere and made a mark, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to hear what the band do next. Future kings of the modern OSDM scene? The potential is certainly here. Ones to keep a firm eye on.

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