Ice Howl – Cadence of the Cursed (Review)

Ice Howl - Cadence of the CursedThis is the second album from US one-man metal band Ice Howl.

The artist behind Ice Howl gives us 34 minutes of pure metal joy on Cadence of the Cursed. Blending together elements of stoner, doom, heavy, and power metal, these seven songs pack quite the metallic punch.

It’s clear a lot of passion and love has gone into this music. Each of the songs has something of its own about it, while still working well holistically together. The album flows very well, and I find it easy to slip this on, get absorbed in it, and then revisit straight away. It’s very moreish.

Each of the songs are well-written and are packed full of stonking riffs and the pure delight of metal. The different metallic influences from multiple eras converge into songs that are unafraid to just be themselves, reveling in what makes this sort of metal so enjoyable and timelessly satisfying. Hooks are rampant and virile, and catchiness abounds. Depth comes from emotive delivery, quality vocals, engaging melodies, and well-managed atmosphere.

I really enjoyed this. This is my first encounter with Ice Howl’s music, but it won’t be my last.

Very highly recommended. Any fan of this sort of music would be best advised to seek this one out.

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