Currents – The Way It Ends (Review)

Currents - The Way It EndsCurrents are a metalcore band from the US and this is their second album.

Currents play an electronically-enhanced mix of metalcore and modern metal, peppered with deathcore and djent influences.

Atmosphere and feeling are rampant across the songs, augmenting the heavier parts well. The band have obviously paid attention to their songwriting, and elements such as structure, pacing, and dynamics have not gone ignored. The songs are largely energetic and blood-pumping, and the band seem quite adept at breakdowns. While emotive, catchy choruses are definitely a feature of the songs, they’re not overused, and there’s enough variety of delivery across the album’s 39 minutes to make for a satisfying listen.

The singer’s voice is well-performed and he shows good range. Dealing with shrieking shouts and deep roars as easily as his versatile cleans, his voice is well-used and strongly-delivered.

Despite falling into a few metalcore clich├ęs here and there, The Way It Ends is a passionate and honest portrayal of emotion within heavy music. Currents clearly have things to say alongside their obvious love of pit-friendly heaviness.

Recommended for any fan of modern heavy music.

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