Cordyceps – Betrayal (Review)

Cordyceps - BetrayalThis is the debut album from US death metallers Cordyceps.

Cordyceps play brutal death metal, filled with vicious slams and streaks of technicality. Across 32 minutes the band brutalise and punish the listener, with crushing chugs, face-melting blasts, and guttural vocals.

There’s a Suffocation USDM influence here that’s undeniable. Mix this with elements of bands such as Pyrexia and Devourment, and you’ll have an idea of the sort of carnage that Cordyceps get up to on Betrayal.

This is an exercise in no-frills heaviness and extremity, and the music damages and destroys everything around it. The crushing mid-paced sections rumble by like a battle tank, while the faster parts devastate like tsunamis of concrete. Yes, this is heavy, heavy, heavy, and should more than please anyone into this sort of slamming barbarity. The songs are concise and unadorned slabs of brutality, and Betrayal is an easy and satisfying listen for fans of brutal death metal.

Betrayal is a solid brutal death metal album from a band that clearly know the style well. A recommended listen for slamheads everywhere.

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