Devourment – Obscene Majesty (Review)

Devourment - Obscene MajestyDevourment are a death metal band from the US and this is their fifth album.

Mixing brutal, old-school death metal with slam, Obscene Majesty is disgustingly heavy and ferociously nasty.

Unlike many bands that play this sort of style, one of the things that makes Devourment different from the blood-drenched packs is their mastery of songwriting, structure, and dynamics. These songs are not just collections of riffs, but fully-formed creations, ready to ensnare the listener with catchy riffs and infectious hooks. Having said that, this is not ear-friendly death metal at all. Rather, it’s imposing, unfriendly, and impenetrable in a brutally dirty way. With enough groove and blast to get you moving and breaking things, the album is also oppressive and foul in ways that most aren’t.

Obscene Majesty is immense and monolithic. Brutally bludgeoning all in front of them, the songs move relentlessly forward with the merciless destructive capability of planet killers. They’re raw and underground, while still sounding at the top of their gory game.

The riffs are thick and ugly; this is not pretty, polished music. Chaotic nastiness roams just around the corner, while carnage-causing blast beats rush you from behind. As for the vocals, these are deep, gurgling growls that threaten to swallow you whole. The entire collection of songs is filthy and utterly compelling. The completely uncompromising brutality of the record is impressive.

Obscene Majesty is one of the most punishing and devastating death metal releases to come out this year. It’s also a damn great listen.


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