Symbolik – Emergence (Review)

Symbolik - EmergenceSymbolik are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Symbolik’s brand of death metal is a modern mix of the technical and the melodic. Across 39 minutes of material the band take the listener down pathways of bright melody and sharp aggression.

Incorporating neoclassical and symphonic elements into their highly melodic music, (as well as a pinch of black metal), the band use their technical skill to forge songs that focus on making an emotive and atmospheric impact. This is done rather than merely offering a display of flashy ostentation purely for the sake of it, (although there’s enough of that sort of delivery pressed into the service of the songs to satisfy fans of stellar musicianship and ridiculous technicality as well).

Emergence is an album of talent and passion, with the band clearly putting everything they have into the songs. Colourful leads and solos are bountiful, as are precision-drilled blast beats and orchestral swells. High-paced shedding is the order of business here, and business is good.

The vocals range from blunt growls to serrated screams, delivered with the sort of relentless speed and rhythmic patterns that’s a rare treat to behold in death metal.

Every part of Emergence just cries out with quality. As a package these songs are textured and varied enough to hold attention, but flow with a stylistic narrative that allows everything to work holistically as a complete, well-rounded album of material.

Emergence is a slick, professional package, and the type of album that you just want to listen to over and over again.

Very highly recommended.

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