Chalice of Suffering – Lost Eternally (Review)

Chalice of Suffering - Lost EternallyThis is the second album from US funeral doom band Chalice of Suffering.

2016’s For You I Die was an album I enjoyed, so it’s very agreeable to have a new slab of torment from the band. And what a considerable slab of torment and suffering it is too.

This is atmospheric funeral death/doom that’s packed with colossal weight and emotive darkness. Favouring build/release mechanics and raw atmosphere over outright heaviness for the majority of the time, Lost Eternally is a more textured and creatively engaging album than you usually encounter from something labelled as funeral doom or death/doom. The band’s songwriting skill has certainly progressed, marking this new album as a step forward even from their enjoyable debut.

Guest musicians and vocalists pepper the album, adding yet more interest to music that’s layered with a compelling depth of delivery in its own right, before you even take these additions into consideration. The multiple vocal styles, (of guests and otherwise), and tasteful keyboard enhancements all contribute to the bleakly emotional atmosphere and mood that the album crafts so very effectively.

Slow, considered, and with a lot of different ideas spread out across its playing time, these songs are the sound of a doom band producing their best work yet. Lost Eternally is 62 minutes of misery-drenched expansive doom metal that you absolutely should not miss if you’re a fan of dark, slow death/doom.

Impressively wrought and realised, Lost Eternally is a doom highlight of the year so far.

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