Demetra Sine Die – Post Glacial Rebound (Review)

Demetra Sine DieThis is the third album from Italian post-metal/doom metal band Demetra Sine Die.

Demetra Sine Die have a complex sound taken from a number of different influences and forged into something of their own. These influences come from doom, sludge, psychedelic, and post-metal, with even some black metal elements making the cut.

Nuanced, intricate, and engaging, the music effectively builds feeling and atmosphere through layers of instrumentation and skilful songwriting. The tracks on this album are well-crafted, showing what post-metal is capable of when left to its own devices and without interference from what the bigger names out there are doing. Demetra Sine Die are quite happy in their own self-created world, and it’s one that I heartily recommend you visit as Post Glacial Rebound is the kind of release that has a lot to offer the listener.

This is an album that flows consistently, but at varied speeds and under different moods. Holistically everything here works together naturally, but individually each track has its own feel and texture.

The vocals are mainly cleanly sang, with other styles and guest vocalists appearing here and there to add extra content. It’s an emotive and compelling delivery, and works in concert with the music to help produce songs that are very satisfying and pleasing.

Demetra Sine Die have produced an album of songs that should definitely appeal to any fan of layered, atmosphere-building music. It’s a very satisfying listen, with a lot of depth and substance built into it, demanding that you return to it time and time again to further explore its vast, expansive soundscapes.

Very highly recommended.

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