Arcticcircle – Where Ice Meets Ocean (Review)

ArcticcircleThis is the third album from Arcticcircle, a Canadian metal band.

This is my first encounter with this band. Apparently they have a black/thrash metal background, but this newest album is essentially 25 minutes of something quite different. Think along the lines of an earthy, riff-focused doom/sludge/stoner metal band and you’ll have a starting point in your mind at least. The band describe their style as Bush Metal, and who am I to argue?

The songs are full of groovy rhythms and heavy riffs, all murky and sludgy sounding. Most of the guitars have a basis in stoner territories, but sludge waters are also visited quite frequently. Different paces are used, with the band focusing on raucous, energetic tempos for the most part. The band just want to rock.

Melody is used as an accessory rather than being the main focus, used by the band to add to the primary barrelling riffs as they roll though the relatively brief playing time.

The vocals are rough shouts that allow the listener something to grab on to as the spiky riffs drive past at a hectic speed. The singer has a loose, charismatic style, and his personality comes through in his performance.

I find the simple, straightforward honesty of music like this quite endearing. The band are just trying to write the best songs they can to rock the fuck out. And do you know what? It works quite nicely.

A recommended listen for all fans of Bush Metal.

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