Rotten Sound – Suffer to Abuse (Review)

Rotten SoundRotten Sound are a Finnish grindcore band and this is their latest EP.

Rotten Sound have always managed to marry up brutally aggressive music with decent songwriting and ferocious delivery. With this in mind, this latest EP offers 12 minutes of exactly this. It’s punishingly harsh, but not without a level of songcraft that’s absent from many grind bands who just tear loose and be done with it.

That latter approach can certainly be fun, and usually very much is, but I like the restrained, cautious note that’s struck in some of Rotten Sound’s music. This may sound strange considering most of the songs on this release are short and nasty, but Rotten Sound have more in common with a calm methodical serial killer than some unhinged mass murderer. Either way, there’s violence involved, of course, but Rotten Sound have clearly thought about the quality and expression of this violence.

Influenced by the Swedish style of cutting grindcore, hardcore, and death metal, Rotten Sound explode out of the speakers with these seven tracks, showing that they are very much at the height of their powers at the moment. Crunchy and devastating, this is full of heavy, brutal, crusty goodness. There’s also a surprising amount of variety across the tracks, with everything from high-energy blast beats, to slow, atmospheric delivery getting a time to shine. There are some decent melodies that appear here and there too.

Suffer to Abuse is an accomplished short sharp shock of modern extremity. I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want this in your collection.

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