Wardomized – Forced to Eat from the Apple Tree (Review)

WardomizedWardomized are a death/thrash metal band from the UK and this is their latest EP.

It seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to Wardomized’s take on old-school death/thrash metal via Red Death (Flows Through My Veins), but already they’re back once more with a new four track EP.

Forced to Eat from the Apple Tree contains 12 minutes of aggressive old-school music that’s authentic and energetic. In some ways the band appear to have devolved even further into an even more atavistic state of punk-fuelled deathly grindcore, with less of a thrash influence felt this time around.

There’s a couple of guests on this release too, with the most notable contribution of these being felt on second song Blue, White and Black Flowers, which features some ghostly female vocals lurking in the background.

Brain Rot features a shambling, lurching groove that screams pure old-school death metal in the best of ways. It reminds me of something like Abscess in places.

The Ultimate Demise is the band’s shortest song. It’s essentially two minutes of grindcore, with a slower, heavier turn in the middle. Very nice.

With an ear for a good riff and vocals that are sickeningly grim and nasty, the songs on here are stapled together in very satisfying ways, despite leaking all kinds of unsavoury bodily fluids through the ragged holes and crudely sewn up orifices. Each of these songs has a belligerent attitude and sound that seems perfectly at home with old Napalm Death, Sepultura, Autopsy, and the like.

Yep, this is a recommended listen for sure.

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