Dunjin – The Conqueror Worm (Review)

DunjinThis is the latest release from one-man UK-based experimental drone band Dunjin.

The Conqueror Worm is 43 minutes of experimental soundscapes and grim ambience, taking in drone, noise, industrial, and dark atmospherics.

Each of the songs has its own theme and feel, while subscibing to the overall aesthetics of the subject at hand. Each track flows into the next quite naturally.

Opener Ligeia Writes… depicts a form of scrabbling insanity, followed by The Tragedy, “Man”, which is a piece of ambient drone that’s surprisingly affecting.

A Blood Red Thing That Writhes is initially understated and solemn, weaving a mournful tapestry as it unfolds and builds in intensity and power. I particularly like the middle part of the track, as the percussion and samples intrude on the previously sedate pace, birthing a kind of progressive sci-fi landscape.

An Angel Throng creates a sensual soundscape of twisting curves and subtle melody, before the album’s title track introduces us to a landscape of fractured beats, droning atmospherics, and half-forgotten psychedelic echoes.

The final track – Ligeria Expires… – acts as an addendum to the previous one, while referencing back to the first in more ominous tones. It’s a fitting end to an enjoyable piece of work.

If you find yourself partial to the type of experimental charms that this release offers, then make sure you take the time to check this out.

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