Year of the Cobra – Burn Your Dead (Review)

Year of the CobraYear of the Cobra are a doom metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Year of the Cobra’s debut album …in the Shadows Below was 44 minutes of guitarless drum and bass doom, the likes of which would be extremely satisfying in its own right, but with the added sultry crooning of their impressive singer, it just ascended to even greater heights.

Now the band, (a duo), are back, and they sound bigger than ever. Taking the heavy, weighty doom metal of their debut album and developing it further, this EP showcases the band’s considerable talents in more realms than purely the doomed ones.

The music’s still fuzzy and heavy, but there’s also more than that here too – atmosphere and mood are played with and explored even more thoroughly than previously, and there are some additional progressive ideas worked into the songs here and there. Well written, catchy, and with an inventive streak that’s buried under miles of heavy bass, but still manages to enhance and captivate, these songs are extremely enjoyable.

The band’s singer sounds better than ever too. Her voice soars as she provides an emotive and textured performance, bringing the music to life even more than it already is.

All of this bodes very well for the future. After a very enjoyable debut album it’s clear that the band aren’t content to rest on their laurels, and Burn Your Dead shows they’re more than capable of diversifying their sound, while still keeping the core of what made them so good in the fist place.

Highly recommended.

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