Benighted – Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master (Review)

Benighted - Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their MasterBenighted are a French death metal band and this latest release is to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Sometimes you just want something ultra-brutal to knock away the cobwebs and get rid of the lethargy. Sometimes you need something to truly get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. For times like these, the simple pleasures of a good brutal death metal band rarely fail to hit the spot.

Enter Benighted.

This latest EP/mini-album contains 34 minutes of material, and if you’re in the mood for some utter carnage, then it’s a riotous good listen. In some ways it’s a release of three parts –

Part 1 contains three new songs. These contain guest vocals from the singers of Aborted and Der Weg Einer Freiheit, and are solid examples of how to musically beat the shit out of people with hideously distorted riffs, pounding drums, and deep growling aggression. All three tracks showcase Benighted’s trademark brutality well, and each song has its own belligerent personality. The guests appear on track three – the title track – which is the longest of the three new songs. I’m tempted to also say it’s the best, but in reality all three of these hymns to mayhem and ugliness are very compelling examples of blistering death metal art.

Part 2 is a ripping At the Gates cover of their classic song Slaughter of the Soul. Although not as good as the original, (how could it be?), this is a storming cover that’s well worth listening to.

Part 3 consists of six live tracks, four of which contain guests, (from Black Bomb A, Shining, Aborted, and Unfathomable Ruination). Live tracks can sometimes fall down due to their sound quality, but there’s absolutely no issue with that here. These tracks smack you in the face like you’re in the middle of the pit, and as your nose breaks and the blood flies everywhere, you can’t help but grin and love it.

Of course, each of these ‘parts’ is purely for the purposes of this review, and the reality is Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master is simply one 34-minute chunk of brutality.

Very enjoyable indeed.

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