Blood of the Prophets – The Stars of the Sky Hid from Me (Review)

Blood of the ProphetsBlood of the Prophets are a death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

This is a modern brand of extremity, one that mixes elements of modern, melodic, technical death metal, and deathcore together into a sci-fi themed 24 minutes.

Brutal and heavy, but not without finesse or nuance, this is quite an impressive and enjoyable release. The songs, and the entire release in fact, may be quite short, but there’s a surprising amount of diversity and meaty content on offer throughout it.

The melodic sharpness of the music is quite engaging, but there are also more than enough thick, solid riffs to crush and maim alongside this melodic content. There are some decent solos included too, and the band’s technical edge is merged well with their brutal and melodic proclivities. The band even make time for some atmospheric work here and there.

The vocals are deep and guttural, only one shade removed from pignoise grunts. The singer has a very satisfying voice, and his blunt delivery works well against the backdrop of the rich music.

Mixing elements of The Faceless, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Hybrid Sheep, Fallujah, and Meshuggah, among others, Blood of the Prophets have produced a well-written, well-performed, and very enjoyable short release.

Highly recommended.

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