Vihamieli – Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen (Review)

VihamieliVihamieli are a Finnish black metal band and this is their debut album.

Vihamieli play their black metal in the traditional, second wave way, full of blasphemous hatred and icy winds.

Raw and underground, this is true to the old-school and sounds as if it could have been recorded back in the 90s and only unearthed just recently.

Boasting both keyboard enhancements and some quite tasty melodic splendour, there’s more than enough here to justify the price of entry, (so to speak). Vihamieli waste no time in establishing grim, blackened vibes and clearly know their source material.

There a medieval feeling to some of the material here, largely due to some of the keyboards. The band also have a bit of a progressive streak, which allows them the freedom to explore their blackened environment with impunity; it’s not a huge influence on the music, but it’s there, nonetheless.

The songs are quite atmospheric and engaging, shrieking through the playing time with lethal intent. They aren’t lacking in emotive power, primarily conveyed via the bleak, cold riffs with their quite engaging melodic content, and the understated, yet effective, keyboards.

The vocals are harsh, high-pitched screams, performed in the classic style. They’re very, very nicely done, and one of the many things about Vihamieli’s work that makes for an enjoyable and satisfying listen.

If you’re into authentic black metal with a raw and emotive delivery, then I would recommend you check out Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen.

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