Origin – Unparalleled Universe (Review)

OriginThis is the seventh album from US death metallers Origin.

Origin play technical/brutal death metal that’s ultra-controlled, while also somehow seemingly a pure explosion of chaos and frenzy.

So yes, the playing is exemplary, and the band members use their obvious skills to bombard the listener with so much technical mayhem and guttural brutality that it can be quite overwhelming for someone not inured to this kind of thing.

All of the members shine at what they do, but I must mention the drummer over everyone else. Origin have always had one of the most unique and readily identifiable drumming styles of any death metal band, and on this album things seem to have been taken to another level again. Phew, it’s exhausting and bruising listening to him play.

Origin are, (quite rightly), not known for their melodic side. However, their work does feature melodic aspects here and there, usually hidden by the rest of the heaviness and technical wizardry.

The songs are, (mostly), short, condensed balls of rage-fuelled intensity, barbed and serrated, ready to rip your face off at the slightest provocation. This we like. Some groove and slam elements are incorporated here and there, usually prior to returning to techdeath hyperspeed. Grindcore is also a feature of the band’s uncompromising approach to extremity, and some of the shorter, more vicious tracks here, (Infinitesimal to the Infinite, Truthslayer), are some of the best.

Even more interesting is the fact that within their self-imposed style they’re actually branching out slightly here and there, including the 10 minute Unequivocal, which sees them explore a few different sides of extremity and bring a few different death metal elements to the table, including an increased presence of some of the aforementioned melodies.

Unparalleled Universe is a roaring success. The songs are well-written and surprisingly diverse and memorable for something like this. Origin have produced some of their strongest work to date on this album and Unparalleled Universe is a death metal album that you simply must check out.

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