Hellish Form – Deathless (Review)

Hellish Form are a doom/sludge band from the US and this is their second album.

Embrace the atmospheric nightmare sludge of Hellish Form. If you do, you won’t regret it. Featuring members of Body Void, Elder Devil, and KeeperDeathless contains 48 minutes of the good stuff. If by good stuff you mean a compelling mood-focused mix of funeral doom, sludge, and drone, of course.

Hellish Form provide interested listeners with an immersive doom-drenched escape route into a world of slow, agonised soundscapes. Part catharsis, part anger, Deathless is the sort of album that you can easily lose yourself in.

Deathless is bleak and harrowing. It’s heavily atmospheric, carrying anguished, pained emotion through drawn-out funeral doom, caustic sludge horror, and ethereal synths that are imbued with a deep sadness and regret. “How did we get to this place? How have things gone so completely wrong?”, the album asks. Nobody seems to know, but at least Hellish Form are asking the questions.

Despite the darkness, fear, and pain inherent in Deathless, there’s also hope and beauty here too. The juxtaposition of funeral doom with gorgeous, shimmering synths and resplendent melodies works better than you might have hoped, and these songs are skilfully crafted to make the most of these traits.

Deathless is a powerful and rewarding album. If you’re a fan of funeral doom and abrasive sludge, then there’s little else out there quite like Hellish Form at the moment.

Essential listening.


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