Lago/Calm Hatchery – Split (Review)

Lago Calm HatcheryHere we have a short split between death metallers Lago and Calm Hatchery, from the US and Poland, respectively.

Lago’s 2014 album Tyranny was an album that had a kind of darkly melodic brutality to it. It saw the band balance their style somewhere between the old-school and the new, to great effect.

On this split with Calm Hatchery, their song Dominion lasts just under four and a half minutes and wastes no time in establishing its presence.

The song is heavy and aggressive while also retaining no small amount of atmosphere. With a strong production and some particularly satisfying drums and vocals, the track blasts and tears its way through the playing time like a thing possessed.

The deep growls are quite evil-sounding, roaring atop the music, which strikes a good balance between heaviness and melodic appeal. I particularly like the leads and solos at the three minute mark.

Coming across as a blending of Morbid Angel, Immolation and Behemoth, Dominion is a strong death metal song that is definitely going to make me revisit their debut album once more.

It’s a powerful opener for these Americans. Let’s see what’s next…

Although Calm Hatchery are a slightly more polished affair, their track is still aggressive enough to flay the skin from your face. Their last album, 2014’s Fading Reliefs, was one that made an impression with its personable brand of brutal precision, so it’s good to catch up with them once more.

Like Lago, but with a different execution and emphasis, Calm Hatchery also have an intriguing mix of old and new influences in their sound.

Their contribution to this split takes the form of Distant Pulsation; just under four minutes of straightforward death metal that’s both upbeat and decidedly catchy.

A thrash influence in the riffs makes itself felt here and there, and touches of melody arc out form the rhythm guitars now and then too, most notably during the middle of the song.

The vocals are as deep as you would want them to be, sounding dark and guttural for the most part. Near the end of the song we also get some added screams too.

Another strong track from a good band.

This is a very listenable release from these two formidable death metal bands.

One to check out.

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